People often say "periodontosis", but the correct name of the term is "parodontitis". It is a process of inflammation of gums and tissues around teeth that can seriously affect bones. Parodontitis is most often caused by tooth brushing or inadequate occupational hygiene. It is also the second most common disease.

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Parodontitis is primarily found in middle-aged and older patients. It occurs when dental plaque accumulates near the gum where the microorganisms are found and they support this process. In the first phase, this disease can manifest in increased bleeding of the gum and unpleasant odor from the mouth. In subsequent phases inflammation infects the bone and leads to the loss of the bone. This leads to the teeth loss. Parodontitis is facilitated by smoking, which decreases the defenses to bacteria. The effective method against parodontitis is regular oral hygiene.

In the first stage of treatment, which is the softest one, oral health treatment is carried out. One of our experienced dental hygienists will remove dental plaque and dental calculus from the oral cavity. Then, we assess and control the parodontitis. The second stage is a specialized dental treatment. Depending on the lesion, appropriate treatment is given. It can be conservative, without surgery, or completely surgical. The third stage is regular medical examinations.

In this case, prophylaxis is essential to prevent damage caused by parodontitis. By the word «prophylaxis», we mean regular visits to a dentist to make professional dental hygiene. If the results are successful, it is recommended to repeat dental care every three months or at least once or twice a year.

How to prevent parodontitis?

You need to have regular and systematic dental care.

Do I have parodontitis if I spit blood?

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell you definitely. It can only be local gingivitis. In this case it is recommended to visit a dentist or a hygienist.

My parents were suffering from parodontitis. Can I have the same disease as well?

Parodontitis is caused by poor or bad oral hygiene. So, it is not a hereditary disease. Besides, it can be effectively prevented by caring for your teeth.

How long will the treatment last?

Each patient is an individual. You need to have a few visits to the dentist and hygienist during the first three months. Following regular care is necessary.

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