Now you don't have to save money on dental treatment!

It often happens that you and I have to postpone dental treatment until later, the reason being, of course, the high cost of complicated and complex procedures, usually dentures, implants and braces. As a result, the problems become more complicated and further treatment becomes more expensive, but the main damage is to your health.

We have an alternative payment method for all our customers - dental credit.

All this is possible thanks to the services of our partner


You will need to fill in the information below to complete your loan application form:

Ošetřenych pacientu

Consultation with dentist

You need to come in for a consultation where a detailed treatment plan and price will be determined.


Ošetřenych pacientu

Go to the website

Go to the website HERE and fill out the form ( enter the cost of the procedure, your phone number (optional) and your doctor's ico in the contact form).



Ošetřenych pacientu

Identification documents

Fill in the form on the Essox website (you will need an ID card and a second personal document - driving licence, passport).

Provedenych dentálních hygien

Contact phone number

Simply sign via SMS.

Zavedenych implantatů


You will receive confirmation, loan and loan agreement information to your email address.

Sign up online

For our patients, we offer the possibility of ordering on-line

Sign up online

For our patients, we offer the possibility of ordering on-line

On the website HERE you will find an online calculator where you can calculate your monthly repayments.

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